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Three teens, two girls in hoodies and a boy in a t-shirt, sit together on a red spiral slide. "Write what you know" is another one of those lies that comes between "damn lies" and "the cake". It sounds good, but it's damning. For me, often, writing what I don't know is the entire point. I want to know what's on the other side. I also write what I shouldn't write about, what I was told not to say. I saw something recently that said "write what you wonder about", which is closer to realistic. How about we go with "write what you want"?

This comes around because I was thinking about resources and research and my recent interest in writing YA. If I wrote what I knew about that time in life, it wouldn't be something I'd want teens—anyone, really—to read. So, in order to go there, I have to research. I have to learn.

http://rookiemag.com/ is my latest addition to my resource reading list. http://www.scarleteen.com/ has always been a place I supported, now I read the letters to hear the voices speaking. I read Tumblr. I really a little other YA, but mostly that written by authors close to that age range.

At some point, I have to quit researching and jump. We all do. But refusing to simply "write what you know" is the only way we'll resist stagnation.

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