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Just found out that the legendary Ray Bradbury left us this morning, departing from Los Angeles at the age of 91. Am crushed. Ray wrote not only brilliant fiction, but he wrote brilliantly about writing and was a genuine inspiration. Will have some proper quotes to share tomorrow.

An open pencil box with neatly arranged bright highlighters, post-it flags, and a jumble of pens, scissors, and glue.Remember what I said about office supplies? That to the left is only one of my many pencil boxes, the one I use most often. :) The scissors and glue are important, some day I'll grab a shot of my brain-dump book. It's full of pasted-in pictures.

I still work by hand when my hands are cooperating. My brain seems to work differently when I write by hand. When I started writing, I did it all by hand. The idea that a computer was portable was a bit laughable—though I could actually pack and carry my old Mac—and by then I had a PC with a full stack and hulking CRT colour monitor.

I would trudge over to the Tim Hortons with my steno pad and my brightly coloured Staedtler pens, and I would write and write and write. Aside from it simply being slower, I had to think ahead more, plan more. It was irritating sometimes because post-its weren't a thing yet and if I wanted to leave myself notes it was a pain in the ass. But I still like the work I produced back then.

Do you write by hand? What's the advantage of that over working on the computer?

This poll is early because I'm cheating on you all with fanfiction today )

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