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First, a quick note to say hi to new people and that I'll try and catch up on comments this weekend. I'm over my head in edits & deadlines right now. I'm posting early so I can get my decks cleared and put my head down. :)

On to the topic du jour, what I call "dailies" (even if I don't have to do each of them every day, they collectively add up to a chunk of time out of every day), basically shit I have to do every day in order to keep the rest of life moving. Communities that help with that are a big deal for me, so here's a few I use:

http://unfuckyourhabitat.tumblr.com/ (this is like http://www.flylady.net only less consuming)
http://exercise-every-day.dreamwidth.org/ (daily check-ins if those help you)
http://do-it.dreamwidth.org/ (if it helps to make your to-dos public, here you go)
http://www.chorewars.com/party.php?name=Dreamwidth (everything's better with a little D&D)

Being efficient about all the other parts of life saves time for writing. Let us know if you've got other sites or strategies for dealing with the dailies that must be conquered.

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